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  • TMI was founded by long-time project manager and consultant Robin Hornby in 1997. The company specialized in diagnosing projects in trouble, creating the conditions for project success, and training project managers.

  • The firm’s expertise was welcomed by clients in project management, contract management, delivery and risk management roles. In consulting roles the firm was engaged in PMO implementation, project reviews, training, and coaching. University adult education contracts were secured and the firm also offered a series of its own workshops and seminars.

  • Robin authored Ten Commandments of Project Management: A brief guide to the art of righteous project management and published the book through TMI. Robin subsequently wrote Projects for Profit, which was the base for Commercial Project Management - A guide to buying and selling professional services published by Routledge. He self-published an eBook titled Commercial Delivery Methodology, and most recently Routledge has agreed to publish A Concise Guide to Project Collaboration: Building a Delivery Organization.

  • The company is now largely inactive, but would respond to opportunities for engaging Robin as seminar leader or keynote speaker.

I have put this legacy site up as a career reference and a summary of events and achievements. I have kept it brief and simple, with links provided for more technical or detailed information. The navigation bar at the top of each page will take you quickly to my books, accumulated expertise, and illustrated highlights. I have also included a page for interesting websites and articles, plus downloads of my own. Please enjoy a five-minute cruise around and feel free to direct comments or questions to rchornby@shaw.ca

PMISAC Author Award, Calgary

Axiom award, New York

Seminar with KTC, Zagreb

Workshop at InferMed, London