Ten Commandments of Project Management

 Summary: Published by TMI in 2004, this book was assembled after a career spent specifying processes, tools, and techniques. These seemed to fit the needs of the project environment, but didn’t really solve the ‘people issues’ that seem key to most project success factors. A toolkit full of processes and techniques is useful, but certainly doesn’t guarantee success. I concluded something that project managers don’t want to hear – projects often fail because project managers make mistakes! I believe that by naming these mistakes and the behaviour that caused them, we can recognize and avoid them in the future.

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Commercial Project Management

Summary: This is a ‘how-to’ book for project and business managers working in a commercial or contracted environment looking for practical guidance on conducting their projects and organizing their firm. Vendor project managers will gain a confidence boost and professional benefit from this collection of practical advice, case histories, explanatory illustrations, useful techniques, and proven checklists. 

"… invaluable to those making the transition to commercial or business management positions". Dr Alan Montgomery, founder and CEO of Integral Solutions Ltd, ISL Decision Systems Inc. and InferMed Ltd.

"… a must-have book for any small- to medium-sized services firm that wishes to improve their practices". Dr Blaize Horner Reich, RBC Professor of Technology and Innovation, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

"I don't know of a finer framework…This is a must-read for all who desire to implement superior commercial project management practices". Jacques Tremblay, Vice President of Hexagon, Canada.

"Highly recommended". R. Max Wideman, founder of the (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge, Past President of PMI (1987), President AEW Services, Canada.

Availability: Published by Routledge in Spring 2017 and available as eBook, hardcover, or paper back from their website.  More information can be found at Downloads and Links.

Commercial Delivery Methodology

Summary: The Commercial Delivery Methodology, or CDM, is offered as an effective means for vendor organizations to formalize their professional services business. It documents the CDM as an instance of a business lifecycle appropriate for the larger services firm with the need to bid and manage a relatively high percentage of large, fixed price, and potentially higher risk projects. This is a phase-by-phase specification of how to sell and deliver a project contract and make a profit. The CDM is a much-needed tool of business management, incorporating many project management practices, and operates alongside the project, or application lifecycle familiar to project managers and their team. A treasure-trove of techniques, models, and templates, it’s the perfect companion to Commercial Project Management.

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Availability: Published by TMI in Nov 2019 and available as an eBook from Google eBooks at $9.50 CDN. Large format (8½ x11), 39 templates, 5 deployment charts, 5 process diagrams, 17 IPO diagrams, and glossary.

A Concise Guide to Project Collaboration

Summary: The book draws on the technical details in CPM, but in the context of new thinking about the vital importance of collaboration between the project provider and the owner organization.  Almost without exception, corporate managers and employees believe they have little obligation towards the success of a project they may be involved in. They see that as the project manager’s job. The time has now come to ensure the senior people and managers in our organizations know how to collaborate and are given specific tools and instructions using an organization-centric concept of PM to build a favorable corporate environment. The author calls this the Delivery Organization.

"A masterful project manager... Hornby does an excellent job in ‘A Concise Guide to Project Collaboration’... (his) methods have saved significant dollars for companies I have worked for. This guide will further strengthen our ability to deliver professional projects to our customers". James R. Wickson, Vice President, Esri Canada 

"... clearly written, and the concepts are enhanced with practical visuals and templates. I appreciated the strong emphasis on project accountability, quality, risks, and resources". Kam Jugdev, Professor, Project Management and Strategy, Athabasca University

"... a tremendous resource for all business leaders and project professionals who want to know what to do, and how to do it".  Russ Hall, former President, Intergraph Canada

Availability: Published by Routledge in March 2023 and available as an eBook or hardcover from their website.  More information can be found at Downloads and Links.