Introduction to Training

Robin is a passionate believer in the intelligent use of project management training. He believes training is most effective when delivered to people who are receptive and realize there are things about managing projects they don’t know. This suggests that training delivery is most effective when offered to project managers already assigned to roles for which the training is intended. There should also be follow-up. Project managers must receive support when trying to utilize what they have learned.

Training may be customized or offered off-the-shelf from the following topics. Most may be offered in straight seminar style, or adapted to a workshop format, meaning that the training is structured around the specific needs of the project team to resolve a problem and move the project forward. Workshops are generally half-day events.

Project Management Overview

Designed as a one-day seminar, the session introduces key concepts, terminology, processes, techniques, and organizational principles used in successful project management. Ideal for senior managers and as a pre-requisite session for project managers proceeding with more detailed training.

Project Planning Techniques

This intensive two-day session is designed with multiple workshop elements and is intended for beginning project managers assuming responsibility for smaller projects and looking for a universally applicable approach to successful project planning.

Initiating the Project

A good start is essential for a good finish. This half-day session tells you how, and offers practical guidelines for laying down the right foundation.

Large Project Planning

A comprehensive plan covers project elements such as scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality, etc, as well as the project management procedures to be followed. This one-day seminar provides an overview level of information – enough to get attendees started, who have some familiarity with projects.

Controlling the Project

With a plan in place, the focus now shifts to execution. This half-day seminar imparts the essential techniques of monitoring and controlling the work, as well as keeping expectations in line with project capability.

Defining and Managing Scope

This half-day session focuses on practical techniques of scope definition and management. Using a full day, the format can be expanded into workshop format to resolve specific project scoping issues.


This half-day workshop focuses on practical techniques of project estimating, and can be adapted to resolve specific project estimating issues.

Risk Analysis

Practical techniques of risk identification, prioritization and mitigation are covered in a half-day seminar. Using a full day, the format can be expanded to resolve specific project risk issues and prepare a draft project risk register.

Quality Planning

Practical techniques of quality planning, assurance, and control are covered in a half-day session. Using a full day, the format can be expanded to resolve specific project quality issues and prepare a draft project quality plan.

TCPM Seminars

These three half-day seminars are designed to teach the behavioural concepts in Ten Commandments of Project Management. Titles are: 1) Action Oriented PM, 2) Improving PM Judgment, 3) Building Project Alignment. A copy of the book is provided for each attendee. For complete information, access the brochure titled TCPM Seminar Details in Downloads.

CPM Seminars

Designed for audiences in the professional services business who have some familiarity with projects, seminars based on Commercial Project Management will provide a grounding in the principles, techniques, and methodology in the book, as well as a forum for questions and discussion. A copy of the book is provided for each attendee. For complete information, access the brochure titled CPM Seminar Details in Downloads.

Keynote Presentations

Robin is usually available for guest appearances at corporate events, conferences, dinner meetings, or guest speaker slots at established training sessions. Speeches are tailored to between 45 and 75 minutes duration and the topics are chosen from the main themes of either of Robin’s books, depending upon the nature of the event.

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