TMI Downloads/Links:

  1. 1.Commercial Project Management (CPM)

    a)  Introduction.pdf   b)  Summary.pdf   c) TOC.pdf d) CPM Seminar Details

  1. 2.Ten Commandments of Project Management (TCPM)

    a) Introduction    b) Summary    c) Table of Content d) TCPM Seminar Details

  1. 3.Resume: RESUME HORNBY 2017.pdf

  2. 4.One Minute Video

This is Scene 1 in the video series for the seminar “Commercial Project Management”. Scene 1 is used to set up learning events on risk. Other scenes introduce estimation, quality, organization, and so forth.

5. Quality research: Essence of Project Quality v2.pdf

External Links:

  1. 1.The Checklist Manifesto. I loved this book, written by Atul Gawande. Surprisingly, it’s about improving surgery survival rates, and doesn’t even mention project management. If I’d read it before completing my book, I would have enhanced my treatment of checklists . . .

  2. 2.Flawless Execution. Having once been a pilot (maybe why I like checklists), I totally get the fighter pilot analogy to business developed by author Jim Murphy, though it won’t appeal to all. The message for project teams is the Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief-Win cycle. The development of the debrief process, elaborated in a subsequent book, ‘The Debrief Imperative’, may provide a broader and more implementable version of lessons-learned many of us find so hard to do.

  3. 3.Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.   In TCPM, the final chapter, I speculate on personality types best suited to manage a project. I have been “typed” five or six times in my career - an essential process for self-knowledge and team adaptation. Susan Cain presents some fascinating research on the utility, indeed the necessity, to resurrect a respect for introversion and I think there is a strong message here for team building and project management skill assessment.