Delivery and Project Management

In addition to advising on all aspects of project management theory and practice, Robin can also assist organizations design and implement the Delivery Management role.  This role is increasingly recognized by project-based organizations. In brief, it is a management position that provides oversight of delivery – ensuring on time, on budget delivery, to customer satisfaction – and acts as a specialized point of management accountability and support for all project managers.

These services can be exactly tailored to meet the client’s requirements, or any of the following pre-designed assignments may be followed:

Delivery Effectiveness

During an intensive one-day engagement, requiring a minimum of management’s time but a maximum commitment, Robin assesses the most effective steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your delivery organization. The day is structured into an interactive presentation to management, a survey, and recommendations aimed at improving project delivery.

Project Management Office

Over the past decade, the idea of the PMO has been expanded to promote and support the practice of project management as a whole, and more recently to embrace the management of a ‘project portfolio’. There is a range of implementation options from very active (PMs are direct reports) to passive (PMs are supported) and everything in between. The essence of successful implementation is to target immediate problem areas, set goals, and proceed on the basis of maximum cost effectiveness.  

Project Review

Large projects operated by savvy organizations often include external reviews in their plans. Project managers usually recognize the value of an experienced outsider looking at the project and providing an objective assessment of progress, plans, and impediments to success. The skill and style of the reviewer is critical in making a review a constructive and positive experience.

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